Cyber Incidents

Responding to a Cyber Incident

Cyber incidents are becoming increasingly common.

If the cyber incident includes a threat to life or property – call 911.

  • If you believe your system is or has been attacked, look for signs of suspicious activity or anomalies on your system or network traffic.
  • If you suspect your system is compromised, remove its access to the internet immediately and turn it off.
  • Notify the University’s Information Security Team by making a report through the Security Matters website
  • If you suspect any criminal activity, report the matter to Campus Safety.


Cyber security incidents can affect the security and privacy for the University’s network. Cyber attacks are critical and complex processes that requires swift action to mitigate the damage and prevent further compromise.


The University of Toronto’s Security Matters website contains information and links for students and staff.

Resources like Consumer Report’s Security Planner, launched by The Citizen Lab, can help you protect your confidential information and personal data. Visit Security Planner to build your personalized plan and improve your online safety.  

Please visit the Community Safety Office’s website for more information and general e-safety tips. 

Important Contacts

Emergency: 911

Campus Safety
St. George/UTSC: 416-978-2222
UTM: 905-569-4333

Campus Safety
St. George: 416-978-2323
UTSC: 416-287-7398
UTM: 905-828-5200

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