Heavy Rain or Flooding

Responding to Heavy Rain or Flooding

  • In the case of heavy rain or flooding, remain indoors and avoid unnecessary travel.   
  • If flooding occurs, stay out of building areas below ground level.    

If you are directed to evacuate the area:

  • Take your emergency kit with you.  
  • Follow the routes specified by officials.
  • Never walk across a flooded area – fast water can sweep you away.   
  • Do not drive through flood waters, as they may be deeper than they appear.   

Returning home after an evacuation

  • Appliances and electronics that have been flooded pose a shock or fire risk. Do not use any item with electrical components until they are properly dried or checked by an electrician.   
  • Ensure the area you are entering is structurally safe. At the University, only enter if Campus Safety, Environmental Health and Safety, or other appropriate officials have indicated that it’s safe to do so. 
  • Flood water can be heavily contaminated with sewage and pollutants. Avoid consuming or coming into contact with it. 
  • Restock any of the supplies consumed from your emergency kit.


  • Check weather forecasts regularly to stay informed of inclement weather.
  • Students living in residence may want to consider that food services operations on campus may be impacted by extreme weather events.  
  • Assemble an emergency kit with non-perishable food, drinking water and other supplies. 
  • If you have an outdoor event planned, consult with Campus Police about what steps you can take to respond proactively to inclement weather. 

During heavy rain or flood emergencies, be sure to check the status of your campus in case U of T operations are affected:

Important Contacts

Emergency: 911

Campus Safety (Emergency)
St. George/UTSC: 416-978-2222
UTM: 905-569-4333

Campus Safety (Non-Emergency)
St. George: 416-978-2323
UTSC: 416-287-7398
UTM: 905-828-5200

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